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Get to know me

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love and passion for art. I wasn't the best academically but I always excelled in my art lessons, it was my form of self expression and therapy. I have no professional training, only a vision and dedication. In January 2022 I decided to spend all my free time creating and honing my craft, August 2022 I had my first solo exhibition where I debuted 18 pieces all created in 8 months. I wanted to create pieces that everyone could relate to without the images being too specific to any gender, age or race. My work heals my inner child and ironically a lot of children are drawn to my work. I have always been fasinated by colour therapy, colour theory, chakra colours and just the general effect colour has on our phsyche. I use colour to heal and ground those who see my pieces and allow people to relate to something based on their soul colour.